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Projekt wdrożenia wirtualnego operatora sieci komórkowej (MVNO) w Polsce

Mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) - is the operator that don't have its own network infrastructure, uses the traditional network operators to provide its services.

Our customer is a company BigCall Net, a limited liability company located in Poznań, supported by Norwegian capital. Currently ongoing work are related to develop BigCall Net as a virual operator in Poland.

Work on the project implementation included:

  • carrying out preliminary studies,
  • organization of work related to the project,
  • develop the concept of the product,
  • consultations with experts of MVNO,
  • develop the marketing concept,
  • actively seeking partners to participate in the joint project.
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Mapping procesów dla Danfoss LPM

Mapping process for the company Danfoss LPM include:

  • creation of an overall map in A0 format,
  • Illustration of the flow of information between departments,
  • extraction the essential affect of processes in circulation of information in a company,
  • detailed description of all processes, including among others: data input, output, to process documents, reports, etc.
  • specify information systems that support the work of employees,
  • interactive map supported by the web browser,
  • podłączenie do interaktywnej mapy istniejących dokumentów z instrukcjami i procedurami,
  • implementation of the various processes in block diagrams.
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Projektowanie struktury baz danych

Designieng structure of data bases includes:

  • analysis of needs and requirements of the customer,
  • selecting the best tools to meet the needs, conditions, technical capabilities and budget of the client,
  • streamlining of the structure of the database,
  • creation of documentation for the further development of databases and software support for its support,
  • advising on security databases and software development.

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