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Internet shops
  E-commerce in recent years has become a very popular means of reaching new customers. Most elected by customer way of using e-commerce is Internet, so it is worthwhile to extend the offer  with e-shop.

The use of global networks to acquire new customers very quickly brings tangible benefits  in the form of:

  • To reach across a wide spectrum of potential customers
  • reduce the costs of customer service
  • possibility of any business expansion
  • reducing the cost of storage
  • additional shop advertising

We offer a comprehensive solution for e-commerce which involves the creation of an online store with the following features:
  • Support for the safe login protocol SSL (128-bit coding)
  • management of delivery addresses from a user account
  • the possibility of adapting e-mail confirming the order, shipped to the buyer and owner of the e-shop
  • expanded administrative interface
  • management of unlimited number of products and categories 
  • quick search of products and categories, filtering products
  • simple and quick promotion of selected products
  • the possibility of postingadditional images or files related to a product (such as specifications, leaflets)
  • management of order status
  • and many others
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